SBB Campaign (2019/Music Composition & Production)

Telekom Kids Campaign (2019/Music Composition & Production/Sound Design)

Under Armour Camp (2015/Music Composition & Production)

Falk Pantera (2013/Music Production & Composition)

Bikeunit TV Spot (2012/Music Composition & Production)



Captain Woodstock - Aperol Spritz (Production/Mix/Master)

Illegale Farben - Duisburg (Mix)

Friedemann Weise - Das Weise Album (Recording/Mix/Master)

Albrecht Schrader - Diese Eine Stelle (Vocal Recording Engineer)

The Screenshots - Die Welt Geht Noch nicht Unter (2020/Recording/Mix)

Friedemann Weise - Best Case Szenario (2020/Mix)

The Screenshots - Liebe Grüße An Alle (2020/Production/Mix)

The Screenshots - Haus (2019/Production/Recording/Mix)

Axel Pulgar - sUBRUT (2019/Mastering)

Annie Bloch - Aufbruch (2019/Mastering)

Local Standard Time - Four New Songs EP (2019/Mix/Analog Tape Master)

Sardegna - Oberbarmen EP (2019/Recording/Mix/Master)

The Tics - Exclusives for Antikörper Session on Byte.FM (2019/Recording/Mix/Master)

Standschaden - Sukkulente (2019/Recording/Mix/Master)

Brussels - Untitled EP (2019/Recording/Mix/Master)

The Screenshots - Europa LP (2018/Recording/Mix/Master)

Resch - Wo EP (2017/Mix/Master)

Locas In Love - Von Hier Oben (2016/Recording/Mix)

Radioaisle - Aftershocks EP (2016/Mix)

Lingby - Tired Eyes EP (2015/Recording/Mix/Master)

Schabau - Nit Vorbei (2015/Recording/Mix/Master)

Radioaisle - Refuge (2015/Recording)



10 Days Assistant Engineer for Weezer - Van Weezer

Album Recording at 4th Street Recording Los Angeles (2019)



We'll Have Time For That Later - dir. Verena Hahn (2020/Audio Post Production)

Nest - dir. Eszter Jánka (2019/Music/Sounddesign/Foley)

Eva Sola - dir. Lara Rodriguez Cruz (2017/Soundtrack)


Clients I worked for :